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Thursday, February 9, 2012


G'day readers, it's been a while since i posted a review, mainly because i have been gaming less and less due to full time employment. I have written a draft review of Bulletstorm but i currently cannot find the book i wrote it in... So for the moment i will be reviewing the games i have been playing the last few months, including Saints Row 3, L.A Noire, Battlefield 3, NFS: The Run and Test Drive Unlimited 2 & Payday: The Heist. I have also played a fair few PSN Games like Renegade Ops, PAIN, Ragdoll Kung Fu, Joe Danger and more recently, the Tekken Tag 2 demo on PS3.

Be sure to stay tuned as i hope to write reviews for most of the games above, a few of them aren't really good review material, also there are others i didn't mention above such as Universe Sandbox that i have been playing, but simulators are difficult to review as their difficulty is in learning the way the game works and not programmed in as A.I.

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